Our cyber insurance policy is backed by Lloyd’s of London and will protect against cyber crime across all sectors of business. ERS is specifically designed to help small to medium enterprises who are working as vendors of major corporations.

We realized when a breach occurs a company will  not only be responsible to pay monetary damages to the injured party but the company is also out money for business interruption and legal fees. Our policy is designed to cover first party and third party damages up to $1 million on any one occurrence and a $2 million aggregate.

Our high tech underwriting tool is an accurate, quick way to analyze a company’s security posture. Once our analysis has been done ERS provides the client with a report card that briefly describes any vulnerabilities. The report assigns the company a score of scores and correlates that score to an insurance price. We also give the client opportunity to fix the vulnerabilities and rerun the tool to achieve a better insurance price.

Eleven Risk Solutions cannot prevent a breach but our goal is to help lock all the doors and windows so it makes a breach more difficult. We are an evolving company and we are constantly working on ways to help companies protect themselves from criminals.     


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